VPS – Virtual Private Servers

Olive Tree

For several sites or added processor power.

40 € per month

100 GB disk (NVME)


4 cores

1 IP dedicated

2 000 GB Traffic

Fig Tree

For large instalations with CPanel or Direct Admin.

20 € per month

50 GB disk (NVME)


2 cores

1 IP dedicated

1 000 GB Traffic

Cherry Tree

A dedicated VPS has added security and performance instead of a shared hosting.

10 € per month

25GB disk (NVME)


1 core

1 IP dedicated

500 GB Traffic

VPS – Special Configurations


Dedicated mail server.

Contacts, tasks and calendar sharing..

Backups with local copy.

15 € per month

50 GB disk RAID 10


1 core

1 IP dedicated

500 GB Traffic

extra 50 Gb + 10 € per month

formação wordpress
Optimized WordPress

Dedicated virtual Server

WordPress instalattion from RunCloud with an optimized Server.

Includes Backups.

Includes server management.

15 € per month

25 GB disk (NVME)


1 core

1 IP dedicated

500 GB Traffic

VPS – Control Panel


CPanel is the most used Control Panel.

20 €/ month

Direct Admin

Direct Admin has most of the funcionalities of CPanel.

5 €/ month


RunCloud is a modern control panel that allows to optimize the server performance.

10 €/ month

Without panel

You can use a VPS without control panel acessing directly from command line.

VPS – Extras and changes

Doubling space

You can have the double of space using disks in RAID 10 instead of NVME.

For mail servers the disk speed is not so important.

SSD or dedicated disk

You can have a disk dedicated just for your VPS.

Cost from 10 €/mês depending on disk size and type.

IP´s Extra

You can request extra IP´s.

2 €/ IP/mês

Dedicated Ips can be used to have different nameservers pointed to the same server or to install SSL to a specific IP and domain.


We do daily backups for other 2 servers and we keep multiple copies of the files.

5 €/month

The servers are in different data centers.

To keep backup service working we need to have access to the server.

Server Management

The general server management can be included on annual plans and includes the initial configuration.

15 €/month

Is not included support to end users.

The server has to have a control panel.

For cases outside normal maintenance the cost will be 25 € per hour.

Advantages of one VPS

Dedicate Memory

With dedicated memory your page access wouldn´t slow down due to accesses to other pages.

Dedicated processing

Having one or more cores will give you a more consistent answer of the server.

Dedicated IP

Avoid having your domain on a black list due to other domains activitie and be able to have a direct access by IP to your site.

Your Operation System

Ubuntu, Centos e Debian are the more usual operation systems.

With KVM virtualization you can even install Windows.

Special Modules

In a dedicated VPS you can install or having working very new or very old versions of PHP, MYSQL or other modules and libraries.

Special Sistems

You can install tools that needs their own environment or that are installed at server level.

All the access

You will get root level access. You can use some more powerful commands at command line.


You can clean blocked IP’s, increade the processing time limit ou the memory limits of uploads or processes.

You can restrict access and turn off sopme services.

Hybrid server

In one VPS just the disk uses to be shared with other VPS’s.

With a dedicated disk you will be more isolated from the others.