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In any of these plans you may count with these features:


Traffic is 10x the disk space of the plan.


All the plans have FTP access to transfer files.


With Cpanel you can configure many things on your hosting.


Statistics about page acess, wich are the most popular pages and traffic sources.


Security is what makes that your site working


Our servers are located in a Lisbon datacenter with access controlo, air conditioning and energy redundancy.

Internet connection

The rack has 2 connections to internet at 10 gb/s. The routes offer advanced DDOS protection and is possible to contract protection in hardware to really massive DDOS attacks.


We have 4 processing servers with up to 24 cores and 96 gb de RAM with redundant power suplliers.

We have storage servers where the files are located. In case of failure of one processing server or an intervention the VPS can run from another processing server.


Each VPS works with KVM virtualization that allows to have dedicated resources from disk, memory and processing with a high degree of isolation. 


We use 2 backup servers to have daily full copies of all the files of your site.

The databases are dumped to a file before the server backup is done.

Usually we keep copies up to some months.


Weak passwords are not accepted in email or in cpanel logins.

Fast program instalation

With SoftAculous you can install WordPress and hundreds of other programs filling some fields and clicking in one button.

The installation process takes just some seconds.